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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine: Resource List

Selected resources for those pursuing a degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Library Materials

Use the Integrative Search's Online Publication Locator, which can be found on the purple menu banner within Integrative Search, to search for a specific ebook by title or ISBN.  Please note that search will also show titles of online materials other than books in the result set. 

Use Integrative Search to find book titles. To locate physical or online book holdings at Sherman Cohn Library, select the type of book search and enter keywords or a title, and search the database. Limit the results list to “Available in Library Collection”.

Search the Catalog to locate physical and online book holdings as well as non-book materials at Sherman Cohn Library.

Additional books that can be viewed online are accessible via Google Books.

Amazon often provides sample book pages that can be viewed.  To obtain views of the most full text possible, use your existing or create an account with Amazon.  When you log in to Amazon this additional book content can be seen and it can also be searched.    

Access WorldCat to find out if a Library near you has a book. Search for the book title in WorldCat, then enter your zip code into WorldCat to see which local libraries, if any, own the title and then phone the local library to see if you can gain access to the work.

The Library's online article collection can be searched using the following Integrative Search text box, and then refining the results list:

BioMed Central enables full-text access to materials in biomedicine from an open access publisher.

MUIH does not have a subscription to Cochrane Library, however, plain language summaries from Cochrane's systematic reviews are accessible in search results.

This is a directory of "free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals" created by Lund University Libraries in Lund, Sweden. There are over 10,000 journals listed, most of which can be searched at the article level.

Use Google Scholar to locate additional articles.  When there is a link in the column on the right side of the search result page, this is the one to follow as it usually leads to full text.

Use the Integrative Search's Online Publication Locator to search for a specific journal by title or ISSN.  Please note that the search result set will also show non-journal titles.  

Search this resource when materials from a predominantly Western-medicine focused database will meet your informational needs.  Conducting a PICO Search?  Utilize the PICO Search option available from Integrative Search (accessible from the Quick Links tab above).  Need clinical information?  Choose PubMed Clinical  Queries from the PubMed Resource Links list.

WorldCat enables you to find out if a Library near you has a journal. Search for the journal title in WorldCat, then enter your zip code into WorldCat to see which local libraries, if any, own the title and phone the local library to see if you can gain access to the work.

Library Spaces

* As of 9/7/21, the Library Commons is open during MUIH building hours.


* Library services are available

The general library service hours are listed below. Library service hours are subject to change based on library staff availability. We recommend the use of the live calendar before seeking library assistance.


  • On-campus (Assistance = In-person, phone, email)

Tuesday - Friday | 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday | Select Saturdays - see Live Calendar below

Sunday | Services N/A


  • Virtual (Assistance = email, Audio-Virtual session using Microsoft Teams)

Mondays - Wednesday & Friday | 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday | Select Saturdays - see Live Calendar below

Sunday | Services N/A



Note: When the University is closed due to emergency and weather-related events, the Library Commons and library services are not available. School closure notices will be posted on MUIH’s homepage. Additional closures or adjustments to Library hours may occur around holiday times and during trimester breaks. To confirm Library hours or to reach us with questions call 410-888-9048 ext. 6644 or toll-free 800-735-2968 ext.6644.

The Library's Canvas Site is accessible to all faculty and to students working towards a certificate, masters, or doctoral degree, as well as to those with advanced special status. Use your Canvas login to experience this virtual library learning site that contains the Ask a Librarian Service, a Get Started Section, plus a link back to our Library's Research Tools page.

View of Library on Canvas

As of 9/7/21, the Library Commons of the Sherman Cohn Library is open for use and in-person services. The Library Commons is open during MUIH building hours.


- Please note COVID protocols for the Library Commons:

   * Maximum occupancy of the Library Commons is 20 individuals including library staff.

   * An air purifier is located in the Library Commons.

   * A hand sanitizer station is available.

  * The tables have been re-arranged and the number of chairs has been reduced to maintain 6 feet social distancing when chairs are occupied. The round tables are permitted to have one chair each. The rectangular chairs are permitted to have two chairs on opposite ends;

   * The library will not loan out headphones.


- Please note the general conditions for using the Library Commons:

   * We ask all users to be mindful of the study areas and the people using the spaces;

   * Refrain from eating or displaying food in the Library Commons;

   * Covered beverages are welcome;

   * Place your phone on silent and step outside for all calls;

   * Headphones are required when listening to audio.



The Silent Areas and Meditation Area are located in the rear of the Library Commons. The space contains carrels for individual study, spaced 6 feet apart. USB and electric outlets are provided within each carrel. 

Carrels with USB and electrical outlets


The Meditation Area is open and available for use on a first-come basis. Mats, pillows, and blankets will not be provided by the library. Users of the space must bring their own yoga mats, blankets, etc. for their own use and users should not leave their items behind.

Meditation Area