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APA Style Resource Guide: Cite with APA

APA Style @ MUIH

The Maryland University of Integrative Health requires students to use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th edition as a style guide, especially for working with in-text citations and reference list entries.  If you are new to APA Style explore the resources in the Learn APA Style on the left box below.  If you are familiar with APA Style and need an answer, utilize the material within the box below on the right titled Do you know APA citation style and have a specific question?...


Please note, while library staff can direct library patrons to resources concerning how to formulate proper in-text citations and reference list entries, library personnel do not teach writing, or proofread papers, or create citations and reference list entries for library patrons.  Additionally, the use and interoperability of writing and citation management software with Library databases is beyond the Library’s scope of service.

Learn APA Style

Quick Start: 
Explore the APA Style: Overview to get started with learning the APA Style basics.


Ongoing Learning, Citation Management, Writing Tools, and more:
Academic Writer (formerly APA Style CENTRAL) contains brief lessons on specific aspects of APA style along with self-check quizzes and much more.  With Academic Writer, current students and faculty may create a personal account to utilize templates for writing different types of papers and to organize cited materials.  To get started using Academic Writer:

  1. Current students and faculty may download and follow instructions in the Step by step guide: Creating your library catalog account.  You cannot access Academic Writer from off-campus without establishing and logging into this account.
  2. Current students and faculty may download and follow instructions in the Step by step guide: Creating an Academic Writer account which provides instructions on the process of creating a personal account.


Why is it necessary to cite sources? Watch the following video to learn why.

Do you know APA citation style and have a specific question? If so, use the resources below.

Plagiarism Prevention Resource Links

Do you need to resolve a DOI or decipher an abbreviated journal title? If so, use the links below.